Many companies are looking for face mask solutions, whether it is to protect workers in their work places or protect workers in public facing environments.

A simple search will show that you can probably buy disposable face masks at £0.80 per mask and upwards, if you can get them.

One of the first thing that you will realise is that providing disposable face masks is going to be both expensive and wasteful.

Providing disposable face masks will probably work costing your company  at least  £4/£5 per week per employee.

Our washable, reusable face masks hopefully offer you a more cost effective and a much more eco-friendly solution to that problem.

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Our washable face masks
can be worn with or without filters.

  • Each Mask includes a set of 2 PM 2.5 filters.
  • Designed to filter out pollutants and other particles.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • With elasticated ear loops for a secure and snug fit.
  • Stay protected and take precaution with a reusable face mask. The breathable polymer material is soft and breathable with elasticated ear design for you to wear. Designed to be dust-proof, with an activated PM 2.5 filter to help keep pollution, germs and more out! Includes 2 filters for you to use.
  • TOP TIP… We would encourage you to think about purchasing at least  2 masks per employee. Like socks, people are going to lose one in the washing every now and again !!

Bulk washable face mask discount terms

  • Minimum order per colour 100 units. Available colours are black, red, grey, purple and blue
  • Lead time is approximately 2 weeks for bulk orders
  • Full payment up front is required.

  • 100+ units £6.80 per mask
  • 200+ units £6.50 per mask
  • 500+ units £5.90 per mask
  • 1000+ units £5.50 per mask

  • We can provide a quote for filters on request


Email: steve@facemaskboutique.co.uk


Face Masks Belfast

Washable Face Masks for sale  in Belfast.

How long will it be before it becomes normal to wear a face mask in the shops in Belfast, at work OR visiting older people ?

Get your face mask  now !!

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