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Alot of suppliers on amazon and ebay dont actaully have any stock in the UK. They will only order your masks after they have taken your money and the masks will then be delivered from China sometime between 3-8 weeks later.

We dont do that. Everything that we sell is sitting in our Uk depot ready to  be posted out to you as soon as possible.

Every face mask is sent out by First Class Royal Mail Delivery. We aim to have everything posted within 2 hours of receiving your order.

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Washable Face Masks UK

One of the great things about our face masks is that they are washable and reusable .

Most people have been using disposable face masks and that’s not very good for the environment nor the NHS.


First Class Royal Mail Delivery

All of our face mask are sent to you by First Class Royal Mail Delivery.

If you order from us before 1pm, we will guarantee to get it in the 2pm collection and theres a better chance that you might get it by next day delivery. The postal service has been under a lot of pressure during the pandemic, but judging by our current  reviews, things are definitely getting better and many people have been commenting on really fast delivery times.

Why people love our face masks so much.

  •  Each face mask has a breathing valve. Face Masks that don’t have breathing valves can become quite stuffy. It all depends on how well the masks fit over your face. Our masks are made to fit snugly over your face to offer maximum protection . The breathing valve helps to let some air circulate inside the masks. Other masks that fit snugly , but don’t have breathing valves can end up feeling quite hot and stuffy.
  • Our masks have adjustable elastic ear straps with toggles . These really help to make our masks fit well to your face. Some cheap  masks that are made with one piece of stretchy material end up losing the shape behind the ears quite quickly and you will end up having to replace them after quite a short time. Our elastic ear straps are perfect for the job and our masks last longer becaus eof that.
  • Every one of our face masks has an adjustable nose bridge. Again, the nose bridge is a feature that is missing from many cheaper masks. Consequently our masks fit really well over the top of your nose, no matter the size or shape of your nose.
  • Each mask has an inside pocket for a filter . We supply 2 PM.2,5 filters with every mask.
  • Our mask feel comfortable to wear. The inside layers of our masks are made from nice cotton material that makes them comfy to wear.
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