1 . Washable Face Masks with Breathing Valve and Filter.

Washable Face Mask with Breathing Valve

breathing valve for face mask

A small hole is cut in the outer layer of these masks. Two of the pieces are place through the underneath of this hole. The top piece is then placed on top and the 3 pieces clasp firmly together forming a breathing valve on the outer layer  which  lets a small amount of air in and out of the valve.

A layer of cotton is sewn onto the inside of this outer layer.

breathing valve parts for face masks

Washable Face Mask with Breathing Valve

inside of a washable face masks
pack of pm2.5 filters

A second layer of cotton is sewn inside the 2 outer layers to form a pocket for a pm2.5 filter.  The filter consists of 5 layers. The 2 outer layers of these filters are waterproof and can stop any liquid droplets leaving or getting onto your mouth and nose.

inside pm2.5 filter for washable afce mask

Washable Face Mask with Breathing Valve

adjustable ear straps
adjustable nose bridge

The extra features of these masks are that they have really good elastic adjustable ear straps and good adjustable metal nose bridges fitted into the inside of the masks. These help to give the mask a really good fit.

2 . Washable Face Masks with Filter but without Breathing Valve.

washable face mask without breathing valve

These masks look identical to the ones above. The omission of a breathing valve means that with 3 layers and a filter, the masks can become quite stuffy. That means that you are more likely to fidget with them which just isn’t very good for safety.

3 . Washable Face Masks with elastic adjustable straps, but without filters.

colourful face masks belfast

 They can be colourful and light and we would say fine for short term casual use. They dont give the same sort of protection as the masks above. The two main reasons for this are that they are only made of 2 layers and also that they dont have a nose bridge. This means that there are small gaps above your cheeks, which is great for ventilation but not 100% great on the safety side of things. 

4 . Washable Face Masks without elastic adjustable straps or filters.

one piece face mask

There are plenty of cheap masks available to buy. These ones are one layer mask. They are usually made of stretchy material. They offer minimal protection and the ear straps begin to go out of shape very quickly. We dont sell these.

5 . Washable Sponge Face Masks .

washable mask made of sponge

Sponge face masks are our least favourite. You can get them pretty cheap . Some will even have filters , but they can  easily lose their shape after only 2 or 3 washes.

We will never sell these.